Tips For Engaging A Good Corporate Photographer

By Lance Walter

Corporate photography falls within the larger domain of commercial photography. Nevertheless, it is a demanding art with its own nuances.

The difference between corporate photography and other types of commercial photography are several. In other types of photography, the photographer has the advantage of conducting retakes until he gets the right angle to shoot the ideal picture, but corporate photography is essentially one-click-and-it's-over business. Hence it is important to engage the services of a capable corporate photographer.

The photographer, who you are intending to engage, must also have the ability to think quickly as at corporate events everything takes place fast and without prior notice. Corporate photography demands attentiveness, quick performance and a high level of awareness on part of the photographer.

A critical activity included in a corporate photographer's job profile is clicking headshots of the high-ranking business executives at an event. These headshots might be required for the organisation's archives or for circulation in the media. The photographer must therefore be particularly good at this.

The discipline of corporate photography is so different that engaging a photographer on his reputation alone can go terribly wrong. A popular wedding photographer might think that handling a corporate event is simple, but he could very easily be shocked on facing the real challenge. Wedding functions are very ritualistic, so a wedding photographer knows exactly the sequence of events that he is to follow and performs his job accordingly. But in corporate events, unexpected incidents are very common and this demands total awareness from the photographer. That is why a photographer with prior familiarity with handling corporate events should always be considered for the job

Corporate photography plays a critical role in effective public relations for a company and to hire a good photographer for the purpose, you should follow the above mentioned suggestions. However, before hiring a corporate photographer, you must look at samples of his past work to examine the truth of his claims and have a clear idea of his expertise. - 29955

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Get Back Your Ex

By Stewart L. Haney

Winning back your ex isn't easy. But, in case you are thinking of playing mind games or some sort of trickery to win back your ex, let me tell you now, that isn't the way to long term happiness. Yes, there are many so called love gurus and relationship experts who may suggest all kinds of tips and tricks to help you win back your ex, but trust me, although these might just work initially but in the long run they will do you no good.

To get your ex back in your life, the very first thing you need to do is to ask whether you need him / her back. Relations are terribly fragile matters, so it is crucial for you to treat it appropriately. Only think about getting back with your ex when you have made up your mind that you are prepared to do what ever it takes to make them a vital part of your life. Otherwise it'll only lead to more heartbreak along the way, and you certainly don't need to try this to your other half or yourself.

Below are one or two simple tips, following which is probably going to increase your odds of winning your ex back :

1Remember nobody likes a clingy person, so it is critical for you t be powerful, assured and independent.

2Do not attempt to contact your ex now and then. This might simply make you look desperate in front of your ex.

3Try to comprehend the other person and respect their space and be as supportive as you can

4Respect his / her perspectives and views.

5Try to take them out once in a while and spend some quality time, not as a couple, but as friends on a no-strings attached outing.

6Do not pretend to be somebody you aren't.

Follow the abovementioned tips, it would take a while but I'm absolutely sure things will come around, as long as you are sincere in your work. Good luck!

- 29955

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How Speed Reading Works

By Dr. Jay Polmar


Hand movements can cause improvement of reading speed. Now I'll introduce to you the well-known pacing movement. It uses your index finger of your dominant hand, i.e. right handed use right hand, to scan a line by running your finger under the type you are reading. Always turn the page with the unused, non-dominant hand. Don't move your head, keep it still.


The basic pacing movement uses your index finger of your dominant hand, i.e. right handed use right hand, to scan a line by running your finger under the type you are reading. Always turn the page with the unused, non-dominant hand. Don't move your head, keep it still.

The method is easy. You'll replace all your bad habits with one easily learned one: You'll use your pacing hand. Here's how to break each of these habits automatically while increasing your reading speed.

You'll read without sub-vocalizing. You already know the basics: Pace your eyes so swiftly over a line that you don't have time to form the sounds of the words or syllables in your throat.

Now the method to begin pacing across a line faster than you can form the sounds in your throat:

Begin pacing across a line faster than you can form the sounds in your throat:

Extend your index finger, close all others. As you notice I've indicated a hand holding a pencil earlier to use for pacing. That can come later. Use you index finger as a beginner Speed reading student.

DYNAMIC SPEED READING program will teach you how to develop these skills to enhance your reading ability and speed through practice and exercises. Soon, you could soon be reading twice as fast as you ever have and retaining valuable information to increase your comprehension and improve your grades.

Dr. Jay Polmar is the founder of, and has developed speed reading courses for people worldwide and has taught over 100,000 students throughout the world. - 29955

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Teaching, Learning, and Knowledge

By Jay Polmar

How do we teach one another? How can it be that we were instructed in everything that we now know?

At some points in history, knowledge was elitist and even a forbidden concept. In 399 BC, Socrates explained that he was known as the wisest of all men since he understood that he only knew about nothing. Socrates was ultimately executed because of his unyielding questioning to the Athens population to find out how they knew what they knew.

In this days, we still ask Socratic questions and have yet to fully understand the answers; however, technology is bringing us closer and closer.

Science and technology discovered is that the human brain is capable of processing from 10,000 to 50,000 units or single words in one minute. But, these are older statistics from the 1980s, but new technology studying speed reading combined with brain development research indicates that you can most likely read even faster. Most high school graduates read 200 words per minute, down from 252 wpm from 25 years ago. College students, only one or two years older, have improved to 120% words per minute simply from having to read so much and the brain practicing reading so much. Regardless, of your beginning reading speed "it increases for 50-60% the first day is more than likely, in two days of reading practice " youve doubled your reading speed.

The brain is a computer composed of human organic materials. If you were to consider your brain as the hardware (CPU = Central Processing Unit or a computers own brain) and your mind (the thoughts you think) as the software, you wouldnt be far from what the scientists evaluating the brain believe; that the mind and brain are component parts of our physical bodies is to give us an efficient way to learn more things.

The human mind is connected to our physical bodies to make life more convenient for us to learn and succeed. This amazing tool allows us to absorb a universe of knowledge in many different ways.

Childhood education creates the very first limitations to reading ability. Heres what the first two years usually look like to a young learner of language: 1. First, we are introduced to the alphabet and how each letter sounds. 2. Then, we move on to put letters together into syllables and hear their unique sounds. 3. Later, we formed words and their individual pronunciations. 4. Then, we progressed to sentences and lastly paragraphs, which we read aloud.

In that learning technique, we move our lips slowly and carefully so that we would pronounce each syllable and each word clearly. There were entire classes dedicated to learning how to read out loud.

We did pronounced every single word correctly, and then we were praised by our teacher and we felt the thrill and excitement because we were learning so well. Soon, it was determined that we could indeed read, so we no longer read in the classroom out loud. Most of us, however, were still concentrating on the syllables and reading each word out loud to ourselves for confirmation. This phenomenon, called sub-vocalization, is what causes us to have the 200-300 words per minute limitation to our reading speeds in high school and University. Interestingly, its the same speed at which most people talk (unless you live in the Southern US and have learned the Southern Drawl that slows you down even more).

Theres been research to show that high school students that use speed reading methods can double their reading speed. When these techniques are practiced on a regular basis, the results are even more impressive.

With the power of the brain and mind combined, you can stretch out and achieve far greater abilities. In fact, the quantity of words that can be read per minute has no bounds. It is only a persons inner voice that can limit us, stop us and confuse us while reading or studying.

These voices tend to Babble On while you are striving to perform tasks, such as reading. It is the same voice that can make you panic before an exam. It is only when you silence this Babblers voice that you can truly transfer and speed read material at a phenomenal rate.

SPEED READING can help you to overcome slow reading habits developed from your early education. You can then retrain yourself to read faster.

It is remarkable how your brain and mind have the ability to absorb thousands of bits of information in a small amount of time. You are like many people that read slowly on account of early education. You become bogged down when you are mouthing syllables and words. Even though you have developed these bad habits in early education, its great to know that from this moment on, you can retrain yourself to be a powerful SPEED READER and your potential has no limit.

One benefit of Speed Reading is that it can help you in reading and understanding written information much quicker. Speed Reading is useful in careers, especially where you are required to master large volumes of information quickly. Many people run into burn out from information overload. Speed Reading assists you to absorb and retain, for later recall, all the information that you read. - 29955

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The Advantages Of Kitchen Bay Windows

By Raul Roberts

A kitchen bay window can be useful & it can look very nice in your room. It can bring a dark, unappealing room into light. Such a window is both attractive and practical. There are many advantages to owning a home with a kitchen bay window.

The addition of a kitchen bay window would make a beautiful accent to your room, but that might be all you're thinking of. You might not be thinking any further than that, but other reasons, apart from looks, are also important in choosing a bay window for your kitchen.

The looks would definitely be a major reason for your purchase. There are 3 aspects to the appearance of kitchen bay windows. First is the window frame. Bay windows can have several types of frames. Most these days they are metal frames when you buy them from the store, but you can place them in new woodworking to make them become a part of your house. Homeowners with an older home can buy used lumber to fashion you framework & sill from them instead. Whatever you do, make sure your window will be framed beautifully.

You also need to take into thought the glass itself as a part of your window. If you are determining how large the window should be, you also must settle how many sides that the bay window will have. This is because a bay window is made of 3 or more panes of glass put together at angles. You can have a simple three-pane window, or you can have several panes.

Sunlight is a specialty of bay windows. Whenever the sun is in the right direction, sunlight streams into your kitchen and breakfast nook areas. If your windows face east, of course you will get morning sunlight and if they face west, you will get afternoon sunlight. The natural light will brighten your kitchen in a way that no lighting fixture can do. Plus, the kitchen bay windows give a feeling of openness in a room that usually seems too closed off otherwise. - 29955

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Cost Estimation For A Metal Roof

By Darin Copeland

Trying to find answers on how much metal roofing cost? Don't worry because this guide will help you to learn about roofing materials costs, particularly those made from metal. You are going to be able to make your own roof guess with this guide. But before anything more, let us first discuss why you should go with metal roofs. After familiarizing yourself with it, we'll then jump to the metal roofing cost.

If it's's for residential or business, metal roofs are among the popular decisions of today. In truth, lots of home owners who are taking a look at replacing roof shingles are already changing to metal sheet due to the benefits it's got to offer. Let's compare. The typical asphalt shingle roofs customarily have a life-span of about twelve to 17 years. However , a well-installed roof can actually last for over 50 years. If you ask owners who have metal roof shingles, you will learn that plenty of them have lasted even more than seventy five years. That is how durable metal roofs can be.

Now, generally there are two kinds of metal roof that you can choose from. First, the aluminum shingle is made up of interlocking metal tiles that give you a conventional look. Some would not even notice that it's essentially metal. It assists in forestalling ice dams and shed ice and snow at the same time. On the other hand, the standing seam is made up of vertical roofing panels. These are secured by fasteners that are hidden. It's really upkeep free and gives your house a modern touch to it. You can choose from 3 different sorts of panels for this kind. You can choose from steel, aluminium, or copper. Of course, the roofing cost for copper is the most expensive as of now.

What's great about metal roofing is that you can usually qualify for a tax break with it. If you plan on replacing your roof, it's best to replace it with a material that you can get money in return. The reason why it qualifies for a tax subsidy is often because it is an environmentally friendly material. It helps your roof keep cool and at the same time a lot of manufacturers use recycled metal for their metal roofs. So, not only do you help Mother Nature, but you are also helping yourself. No more roof replacement after another fifteen years. In fact, this could probably be the last roof you install in your house.

Now you're almost certainly wondering about the price of roofing. So if metal roofs are that great, how come some folk still go for the asphalt roofs? The price is mostly why people still choose asphalt. They are on the dear side as they are about 3 times the cost of the common asphalt roofs. The materials used in metal roofs are far more expensive particularly that the installation process is more technical and complex. It is more time-intensive to install metal roofs. In reality, it may take up to 3 times longer than the common installation of an asphalt roof. Now that you have an idea of metal roofing cost, it's time to crunch numbers. If you have cash to spare, installing metal roofs can essentially save you in the long run. It offers energy savings, increases the value of your house, and requires no maintenance. At the same time, this will potentially be your last roof in your home. Think about it. - 29955

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Key Things To Keep In Consideration When Constructing A Modern Office

By Gary Ruiz

Office designs have transformed a lot since the times when they were popular just as structural marvels that served no utilitarian purpose. Nowadays it is almost unanimously believed that good office design exhibits the work culture of the company and raises the productivity levels of the staff, besides ensuring employee retention.

Transparency, flexibility and sustainability are the three key principles that you need to keep in mind when building a modern office. The office system furniture and the office interior design must be selected wisely in order to successfully attain these important objectives, and a few considerations in this respect should be made.

Firstly, the tasks that will be done inside the office on a daily basis has to be well known and understood. This together with the floor area available will help you appropriately decide on the interior design. While developing the layout you also must consider the current workforce and how it is expected to grow in the next few years.

There should be space for cafeterias and meeting rooms besides enough area for office desks, chairs and other office system furniture. Recreational zones, which can be equipped with pool tables or chessboards, are also very essential as the employees can use them to relax after work. Moreover, the office must be designed in a way that ensures maximum space usage without being too cluttered.

An ideal office interior design should be minimalist and use subtle colour schemes, devoid of any loud and garish elements that cause distraction to work. The interiors should also have sufficient light, so that there is not a single dark corner in the office.

Contemporary office system furniture is stylish and more customized, which helps in raising the spirits of the staff and develops a positive impression among the customers. However, ergonomics is a crucial consideration for selecting office desks and other office furniture, as ill designed furniture poses health risks for the staff.

You can choose 'green' furniture if you want to project an image of an environmentally responsible firm before customers. It is created from natural fabrics and recycled materials, which will help your company work towards environmental conservation. To further work on this idea, you can go for energy saving lights and other equipments that lower energy usage.

It is always a good idea to engage an experienced office interior designer so that your office manifests all the positive features of attractiveness, usefulness and safety that are essential for of an ideal office. - 29955

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